Join Pastor Andy & Lady Lashawn Thompson for a curated weekend, designed to unpack authentic truth & equip you for what it takes to make Real Love work.

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Andy Thompson is the Senior Pastor and Founder of World Overcomers Christian Church in Raleigh/Durham, NC. He also provides Pastoral leadership to Pastors and Ministers through Overcomers Christian Fellowship. As a result of the Relationship books that he has written, “Real Love – Real Dating” and “Real Marriage – Handle with Care” he has been recognized as a life strategist and relationship expert. Additionally, Andy is an international faith leader, following his mission is to help people discover the power of faith in their everyday lives. Whether he is speaking to an audience of thousands, advising business leaders, or providing cultural commentary on issues such as family relationships or leadership development, his fresh perspective is both inspirational and practical, producing life-changing results.



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