Overcomers Christian Fellowship


Welcome to Overcomers Christian Fellowship, where we believe that a healthy church is a growing church. Overcomers Christian Fellowship was founded by Pastor Andy Thompson, who has almost 35 years of ministry experience.   With one of the fastest growing churches in America, there is a divine mandate on his life to help pastors and leaders live a balanced and victorious life both personally and ministerially.   In the 15 years of the Life of World Overcomers, Pastor Andy has planted 7 churches.  If you are a senior Pastor looking to grow your church OR if you are thinking about pioneering, planting or leading a church, Overcomers Christian Fellowship is for you.


The Fellowship is especially important because you will benefit from this experience.   What will you get from being a part of the fellowship?
    •    You will be apart of a church of senior pastors who will be challenged to grow and expand as you gain more in the kingdom
    •    A personal connection to Pastor Andy.  You will find yourself connected in a way that promotes growth individually by holding each Pastor accountable and responsible!
    •    This will be a great foundation to share experiences, ideas, and information.  You will be able to gain clarity on how to take this information and use it to grow a healthy and impactive church


  • Guidance to build a Healthy Church
  • Growth toward a better version of you
  • Accountability
  • Access to resources to help grow your Church
  • Admission to all World Overcomer's Conferences and Special Events
  • Special messages tailored to Senior Pastors


When your church is healthy, it will grow. A healthy church is a growing church, it’s not always about the growth of the church, but that your church is healthy.
— Pastor Andy Thompson