Co-Founder & First Lady of World Overcomers Christian Church


Meet First Lady LaShawn Thompson

LaShawn Thompson is the wife of Andy Thompson, Founder and Senior Pastor of World Overcomers Christian Church, in Durham, North Carolina. They have been happily married (friends and lovers) since 1991.  She is the joyful mother of 4 amazing children.  She leads the dynamic Fearless & Free women's ministry of WOCC as well as the Fearless and Free Women’s Conference movement.  LaShawn is passionate about her ministry to women and impoverished children.  She is the founder of Projects of Hope, an international missions based nonprofit organization that has traveled to schools in Kenya since 2012.  She is a spirit filled woman who preaches and teaches the word of God with insight and conviction.  Her message is one of wisdom, balance and freedom.  With a gift to counsel and impart the knowledge she has gained, LaShawn, alongside of her husband, serves the body of Christ faithfully.


Projects of Hope

We are a missions based nonprofit organization.  Our goal is to serve children within impoverished schools in other parts of the world. Our aim is to complete much needed sustainable, infrastructural and revenue generating school building projects. Thereby giving the schools and its students a more positive and better-equipped learning environment.